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Vought F4U Corsairs of the Korean War Page 6
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52. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81568 H210 of VF-713

53. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97317 H206 flown by Ens William W. Marwood Jr., of VF-713 USS Antietam, January 1952

54. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81849 D201 'BABY LEONORA' of VF-783

56. F4U-4 Bu.No. 96881 A206 flown by LtJg Oliver D. Droege of VF-791, 11 May 1951

57. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81673 B214 of VF-821

58. F4U-4 Bu.No. 96929 D308 of VF-871

59. F4U-4 Bu.No. 82074 D311 flown by Lt Frank Martin III of VF-871, USS Princeton, July 1951

60. F4U-4 Bu.No. 96834 D302 flown by Lt John P. Moody Jr., of VF-871, USS Princeton, July 1951

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