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Vought F4U Corsairs of the Korean War Page 7
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62. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97220 D303 of VF-871

63. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97143 A416 of VF-884

64 .F4U-4 Bu.No. 80798 A412 flown by Lt Eugene F. Johnson of VF-884, USS Kearsarge, October 1952

65. F4U-4 Bu.No. 81277 A413 flown by LtJg John W. Shook of VF-884, USS Kearsarge, September 1952

66. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97100 A405 flown by LCdr Frederick W. Bowen of VF-884, USS Kearsarge, November 1952 CO of VF-884

67. F4U-4 BuNo.81538 A414 The Bon Lee of VF-884

68. F4U-4 BuNo.81051 A407 of VF-884

69. F4U-4 Bu.No. 97253 A403 'Sweet Sue' flown by LtJg T.C. Aspinall of VF-884

70. F4U-4 Bu.No. 82176 LD21 flown by 1/Lt Wayne E. Boyles of VMA-212

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