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51. B-24J-165-CO 44-40514 C 'MEXICALI ROSE' flown by Lt ,Frederick J. Kowalski of the 760th BS, 460TH BG

52. B-24H-15-FO 42-52318 'NAUGHTY ANGEL' flown by 1/Lt Howard E Stacy of the 757th BS, 459th BG

53. B-24J-185-CO 44-40857' 26 Rangoon Rambler' of the 9th BS, 7th BG

54. B-24H-20-FO 42-95021 WQ-T 'San Antonio Rose' flown by Lt William L. Warner, of the 68th BS, 44th BG

55. B-24G-16-NT 42-78387 47 'The Wench' of the 737th BS, 454th BG

56. B-24J-55-NT 44-10499 2U-K 'Dixie!' flown by Lt Paul W. Bridgeman of the 785th BS, 466th BG

57. B-24H-15-DT 41-28761 P 'Perry and the Pirates' flown by Lt John W Franklin, Jr of the 780th BS, 465th BG

58. B-24D-25-CO 41-24301 'Lady Be Good' flown by 1/Lt William J. Hatton, Jr of the 514th BS, 376th BG

59. B-24J-10-FO 42-51625 Red L 'Stevonovich' flown by 2/Lt Matthew T. Arlington of the 776th BS, 464th BG

60. B-24L-10-FO 44-49710 Black Nan 'Stevonovich II' flown by LtCol James Gilson of the 779th BS, 464th BG
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