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Martin B-26 Marauder of the 319th BG Page 3
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B-26 Marauder Pages

25. B-26C-15-MO 41-34934 B/N 39 'Lady Luck' flown by Lt Blakee of the 438th BS

26. B-26C-15-MO 41-34926 B/N 40 ‘Cherubim', formerly 'Purple Death’ flown by Lt Edwin C. Fulgham of the 438th BS, C/C T/Sgt Art Smith

27. B-26B-10-MA 41-18254 B/N 41 'Lonesome Pole-Cat' flown by Lt Art Riegel of the 438th BS, C/C T/Sgt Harry Engle

29. B-26B-MA 41-17751 'SNAFU' flown by Capt. Donald G. Smith of the 439th BS

30. B-26B-2-MA 41-17818 'Charlotte the Harlot' flown by 1/Lt Basil B. ‘Bumstead’ Burnstad of the 439th BS, 8 October 1943
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