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Boeing B-29 Superfortresses of WWII Page 3

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If you or a relative crewed any of the airplane types currently available on this site why not commission your own side view. For full information relating to cost and details I would require please go here.

21. B-29-20-BN 42-94006 877th BS/499TH BG Rusty Dusty. Isely Field, Saipan, June 1945

26. B-29-40-BW 42-24664 882nd BS/500th BG Ramblin Roscoe. Isely Field, Saipan, Dec., 1944

27. B-29-40-BW 42-24660 Z sq 48 ‘Million Dollar Baby’ flown by the 1/Lt Joseph S. Amos Crew of the 883rd BS/500th BG, Isley Field, Saipan, January, 1945
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