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These artworks have mainly been commissioned by serving units. Each one is superbly detailed and technically accurate. For more information relating to these prints go here.

This type of print can be commissioned by a serving unit. Please E-mail me for details.

Click on the first image for a sample close-up section of one of the prints.

All prints are sold on the strict understanding that they are not to be re-sold, published or reproduced in any form.

'Moonlighters Over Udbina'
Commissioned by VMFA(AW)-332 this print depicts a mission that took place in 1994
Print Size 23.5 X 20 inches
Image Size 19.5 X 13.5 inches
Price $95 US

'Moonlighters Over Belgrade'
Print Size 23.5 X 20 inches
Image Size 19.5 X 13.5 inches
Price $95 US

'GunVal MiG Killer'
A MiG kill claimed by LtCol George Jones, an ace from the Korean War. An F-86 of the 4th Fighter Group
Print Size 20 X 26 inches
Image Size 17.75 X 20 inches
Price $95 US

'The Hornet's First Victory'
The MiG kill of Cdr. Mark Fox during Desert Storm. An F/A-18C of VFA-81
Some Prints are countersigned by Cdr Mark Fox
Print Size 23.5 X 20 inches
Image Size 19.5 X 13.5 inches
Standard Price $95 US
Countersigned Price $120 US

'Final Attack of the Scooter'
Commissioned by VMA-124 to mark the retirement of their A-4 Skyhawks
Print Size 27 X 19.5 inches
Image Size 20 X 12.5 inches
Price $95 US

'First to Fight, First to Strike''
Commissioned by VF-41 this print depicts the fist ever production F-14A during a mission that took place in 1999
All prints are countersigned by VF-41 personnel
Print Size 23.5 X 19.5 inches
Image Size 19.5 X 14 inches
Countersigned Price $110 US

'Bandits Over Baghdad'
An F-117 Nighthawk on a misson during Desert Storm, 1991
Print Size 25 X 20 inches
Image Size 20.5 X 16 inches
Countersigned Price $110 US

Martin B-26 Marauder s/n 42-95884 'Miss Manchester' flown by Lt Charles O'Mahony CO of the 441st BS, 320th BG 1945

Macchi Mc.202 Serie VII MM.9066 'Dai Banana' flown by Serg. Magg. Ennio Tarantola 151° Squadriglia, 20° Gruppo, 51°Stormo 'Gatti Neri' Gela, Italy September 1942

Convair F-102A-65-CO Delta Dagger s/n 56-1186 of the 509th FIS

Vought F-8C 104 BuNo. 146911 flown by Lt Joe Satrapa 'Roadrunner' of VF111 Sundowners, Det 11 Omar's Orphans USS Intrepid 1968

Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker B' of the 582nd Fighter Regiment, 4th Air Army, Chojna, Poland 1992

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